The native yeasts are isolated from the grape or must through spontaneous fermentation.

  • The fermentations are controlled in the lab.
  • During fermentation, the strains are successively isolated then identified by PCR.
  • Genetic analysis allows us to estimate the yeast biodiversity and retain the strains that are genetically distinct.

The isolated strains are tested with micro-vinification.

  • In a neutral grape juice environment.
  • Strains showing any faults are rejected.

The most pertinent strains are produced as a cream, for natural tests on the coming harvests. Analytical and sensory tracking allows us to confirm the significance of the selected strain.

The isolated strain from your estate, once approved, is kept in a collection (2 secure sites). It belongs to you and only you will use it. It is produced at your request every year depending on the volumes of wine to be made.

The production of the yeast cream can be done in an ORGANIC environment for NOP approval.

A selection programme for a native strain lasts a year. The grape sampling is done at harvest and the first yeast cream is sent to you by the following harvest. From the second year, we can supply your yeast as a cream for your entire production.